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Some Lucky Person Will Now Get The Chance To Buy....

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12 months+. 2 failed sales. Went SSTC in March, reappears October, sale fallen trhough perhaps.

So, best thing to do is, whack up the price £15K.


Price changed: Guide Price £439,950 £455,000
Status changed: from 'Sold STC' to 'null'
Price changed: £455,000
Status changed: from 'null' to 'Sold STC'
Status changed: from 'Sold STC' to 'null'
Status changed: from 'null' to 'Sold STC'
Initial entry found.
Now is your chance....get in there and buy it before you miss out.

The wave of price drops from London has reached northamptonshire. It wont take long to reach the midlands.....
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12 months+. 2 failed sales. Went SSTC in March, reappears October, sale fallen trhough perhaps.

So, best thing to do is, whack up the price £15K.

Ahhha yes, you see since house price inflation has been 500000% over the last 12 month it's still a bargain.

You can't lose with briks n mortar

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nigh on half a mill for some cookie cutter design you have to walk through the lounge to get to the dining room, go outside to get to the utility, and where two bedrooms are box rooms.

Its worth £100k, max.

Suddenly I do not feel quite as concerned I have ever overdone my hpc-to-fair-value position. :lol:

It is the first house into an estate full of very similar houses. They trip me out but I would put up with it at the right price. As it is, Streeview zoom, and you've got a 1-kick-open upvc front door on this 'what it is worth Guide £455,000+' (US $730,000) total fortune house. Furniture.. couple in their 50s/early 60s? 90s kitchen?

Got to remember, only non-owners/renter-savers/patient-upsizers should always suffer the carnage of extremely overvalued house prices though (they can take it/deserve it), for home-owners matter more, and there are 'people with mortgages' who are homeowners (bailed for years with 0.5% and newer buyers recent years meeting higher prices who love the new low rates), so can't hope for any hard -30% or more hpc. Whilst owners should live in comfort and happiness of fantasy what it is worth. Oh and need education campaigns to try and persuade people a mortgage is also real debt, for those pushing and falling over themselves to pay £400,000+ for such homes.

It looks like similar houses were also selling for around £370,000 in 2004... another year I was trying to save against race away hpi and buyers setting new extreme prices.


Owner may get their price... lots of Sold STCs in that asking price range on a 1/4m search out of the postcode. Buyers decisions to meet high and higher prices, somehow my family and friends fault on the rent/save/wait side... somehow owner/bought side deserve all the excuses + policy/calls to save them anytime risk of dipping values. 'They didn't know what they were doing' / 'They just wanted a home.' / Population growth means forever HPI and can't be hpc'


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