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The Masked Tulip

Swansea Ea Anecdotal

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EA 1: On telephone to a local Doctor who has a small house for sale in the Sketty area of Swansea. Doctor and EA had agreed to accept an offer of 130K - no idea what original asking price was - and now an offer of 130K has come in guess what?

That's right, said Doctor does not wish to accept and was on the telephone threatening to change EAs. The EA on the telephone immediately offered a 0.25% reduction in their fee is the Doctor stays with them. Why bother I thought... unless the market is that DESPERATE!

EA2: Two EAs sat in office doing nothing. Were more than happy to talk to someone. Admitted that HPs were well over the top. Said that people were not prepared to accept lower offers and that they still had to price property high in order to get business from competitors.

They admitted they had one property to value this week and then NOTHING else in their diary for the rest of the week. I suggested sticking a dummy in the seat and going home. They admitted that they sold a grand total of just ONE house last month!

Punter walks in - friend of EA - and starts talking about how high HPs are. He admitted his house was valued about 300K and it was too much. He bought it in 2001 for 130K and was not best pleased when I told him the way that economists work out the value of a house from the rent that it can maximise. "My house is worth more than 60K !" he said. LOL!

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Are you going to do your usual rounds of EA's tomorrow too? Can we come with you? :lol:;):lol:

If I lived in Wales or even near it, I'd think about hooking up with TMT to ask them what they think about SIPPS. :lol:

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I wore a suit today and carried a briefcase to confuse them. I think I will need my fake moustache next time or have to wear my high heels and my Freddie "I want to break free" Mercury outfit! :blink:

It is obviously now that the EAs are getting fed up and worried about what is happening. They have created a rod for their back though.

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