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Hello World...

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...it's been a while.

Since not posting I've got a new job (same company, more money, more stress). I've done a bit of share-dealing and sorting out of finances and completely taking my eye off the ball - house-buying wise.

To be honest, where I live in North London, it seems to be a case of total stagnation and minor falls at best. I'm tired of waiting for prices to fall by a great deal but I'm still not buying for at least 9 or 10 months or so.

Has much changed? (I see a lot of bullish headlines in the press - boo)

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Same old same old. No one gives a feck if young brits can't afford their rip off house prices.

Nice sig!

Hmmm. This is why I stopped coming here I think...besides getting absurdly busy at work...things are not changing at the pace I would like them to. Still, I'm still thanking my lucky stars for not buying...

Just had a cursory glance and there is bugger all on the market in my neck of the woods. What depresses me is that whenever I bump into the Estate Agent whom I trust, like and respect he is never downbeat. Still waiting for something to f*ck the economy up.

On the other hand the FTSE is flying so I've made a little dough there in the last month or two.

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Thx. Can you give any stock tips? I doubled up on Jrvs in tubulent times, but then lost on rtd.l stupid me listening to so called analysts. Want to invest again. GWP is coming back up, should have bought again at low price tbh.

p.s. when you feel depressed drink a full glass of water, and tell me if you feel the same ;) works.

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