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The Masked Tulip

Painting My Rental

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I had my usual quarterly visit from the letting agent for the landlord last week.

The chap who came works part-time doing inspections for the letting agent and also has his own business doing painting & decorating. I think he does the painting & decorating jobs for the letting agents.

Anyhow, he felt that the house needed painting on the woodwork outside and I agreed.

Later that day I get a phone call from him saying that he has been on to the landlord and he wants a quote for the paintwork inside and out. I asked what he meant by inside and he said that he felt that it needed painting inside.

IMPO It doesn't.

The house is about 10 years old and has the same beige paint on the walls that the original builders did. It is not great but is by no means shabby.

IMPO I think this chap is just drumming up work for himself.

I am more than happy for him to paint the outside but I don't want the inside done as:

A) I don't think it needs it.

B) I have asthma/COPD and paint fumes / fresh paint are just a no no.

C) I don't have time to take off work to be here when someone is painting my home. I wouldn't be happy leaving someone in my home when I am not here.

The last time they did something they flooded the house and it was a mess for weeks. Stressed me out no end.

So HPCers, anyone know what my rights are here? Can I stop them painting the inside of the house?

No idea if the letting agents will be taking a cut of this proposed work or not.

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I doubt any landlord will object to not having to pay up for painting the inside when it doesn't need doing and the tenant doesn't want it done. I'd also wait to see if the landlord approves the outside work before assuming anything on that either.

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It'll depends if they can argue that the work is a 'repair' and if you can argue that the work would interfere with your enjoyment of the property.

I think at the end of the day you can deny access as its not an emergency and he has to seek your permission at a time that suits yourself, the question is do you have a responsibility to let the work be carried out at a reasonable time.

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I don't see that you would be obliged to allow it if you don't think it's necessary. The time for repainting would seem to be in between tenancies, though if someone stays for many years I can see that it might be needed.

Friend of ours offered to have his one rental property painted, but the tenant did not want the hassle and upheaval. He has been there maybe 10 years so it could probably do with it, but our friend saw no reason to push it if the bloke is happy as it is.

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