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Britain’S Choice For Eu Commissioner ‘Has No Clue’ About Key Issues, Says Mep

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Lord Hill, Britain’s choice to be EU commissioner, may be charming but he has little to no grasp of his financial services brief, one of the politicians scrutinising his appointment has said.

Hill, a former lobbyist and friend of David Cameron, may be called for a second round of questioning after failing to convince a panel of MEPs that he is the right man for the job.

One of the sceptics was Philippe Lamberts, a Belgian Green MEP, who told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that “behind his charm there was apparently little knowledge of the subject matter at hand”.

“It is not about knowing the intricate details of financial regulation, it was even the main lines that apparently Lord Hill had no grasp of,” he said.

“Were it on the capital markets union, on how to tackle ‘too big to fail’ financial institutions, on eurobonds, on a whole set of major issues there was not a single idea put forward by Lord Hill that showed that he had a least some conceptions about these things. So it was really not about details of liquidity ratios or stuff like that it was really about the main ideas, the main elements of the debates at hand.

How to manage ‘too big to fail’ financial institutions is right at the middle of his remit and I am afraid to say he had no clue. He showed no grasp of the issues and there was wide agreement … that while he is a charming person he has no knowledge of the matter, and of course you do not expect leaders to have detailed knowledge but at least to have a grasp of the issues and that did not appear.”

Lamberts said it was not meant as rebuke to Britain at a time of tensions with the EU, as that had in fact made some on the committee more “hesitant” to recall him. “He may be a good commissioner, but I would probably not assign him this portfolio,” he added.

On Wednesday evening a European parliament committee failed to confirm him in the new European commission following a three-hour grilling, despite the Conservative peer appearing to have charmed the parliament’s economics committee into submission. The understated three-hour performance was aimed at securing the plum post of commissioner for financial services and regulation with formidable powers over the City of London.

It seems the MEP are failing to grasp why he's been sent, clueless is just what the City of London needs. They don't want someone there who has a grasp of the issues as this might effect the gravy train.

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