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The Bbc, The No, No, No Broadcaster

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The BBC, the No, No, No Broadcaster

The London based BBC political reporter Nick (you know the one! the bald headed guy with the glassesbiggrin.gif) asked a question to Alex Salmond how the banks knew better than him and that Scotland would lose vast amounts of business and revenue if RBS and other Scottish-based Banks moved their head offices to the City state of London in the event of Scotland getting it’s Independence. Alec Salmond responded after the audience quietened down by saying you know as well as I do “Nick” that moving the name plate of their HQ would not affect Banking Business and tax revenues in Scotland i.e. Business would be unaffected .This is what actually happened but the BBC UK National Broadcaster report cut the response by Alex Salmond to this egocentric, ego damaged numpty (Nick the bald headed guy with the glassestongue.gif) as ‘the question wasn’t answered’.

Well Nick! ,if you somehow manage to read this by keeping your Glasses on. You would know and anyone who managed to complete primary education, that if they did move their Headquarters this would be a very good thing for Scotland and the Scottish people since it would rid ourselves of the risk of paying for bailouts of the sort required for RBS in 2008/09 which demanded £46bn of taxpayers’ money and since ‘Nick’ your such a high standard, well informed Journalist that we expect from the BBC you would know that RBS only paid a paltry£43 million in corporation tax last year for the whole of the UK (wonder how they managed to get away with that! mmm ).

With the London financial sector free of any reforms since their greed and criminal activity caused the financial crisis in the first place, which we are all paying for and with more crashes inevitable in the decades ahead, having all your Banks registered in a neighbouring country would be a economic blessing as good having Billions of extra barrels of oil each year.

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BBC Scotland is facing serious questions over its handling of the independence debate after it was found guilty of breaching its own editorial guidelines on accuracy.

The BBC Trust has found that the reporting of the BBC Scotland interview with Irish minister Lucinda Creighton was misleading "The Committee, on balance, agreed with the complainant in relation to this particular broadcast"

Exclusive - Trust finds BBC Scotland guilty of breaking guidelines over EU indy story

Can the BBC be trusted to report the Independence issue impartially ? Given that the Creighton story took almost a year to reach its conclusion ...

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Ever since it got nobbled by Bliar after the Iraq War, the BBC has been a Pravda style mouthpiece.

May well have been like that before it got nobbled but certainly after the nobbling it was a lot more blatant about it.

Eventually though people will understand that it is biased and then all will be well. The only problem is that people honestly believe it is the Voice of Truth. In reality no news source can ever be that, when people are a little less naive the BBC will be defanged. People will take BBC comment with the same pinch of salt they use when perusing the Guardian, or the Torygraph, aware of its bias.

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The BBC in Australia is currently lobbying for new draconian copyright regulations, demanding that broadband companies spy on their users’ online activity <_< .

Horrified that 13,000 people in Australia managed to pirate the first three episodes of Doctor Who – compared to more than 3.4 million legal and subscribed viewers – the Global corporation is demanding that all internet service providers down under be legally forced to monitor all users’ activity.

Their argument is that “It is reasonable for all ISPs to be placed under a obligation to identify user behaviour that is ‘suspicious’ and indicative of a user engaging in conduct that infringes copyright,’ the BBC lobbyist have told the Australian government. “Such behaviour may include the illegitimate use by internet users of Internet Protocol obfuscation tools in combination with high download volumes.”

These so called “suspicious” users would then be issued with a series of ever escalating warnings and punishments, presumed guilty until they could prove themselves innocent.(It’s not as if the BBC don’t have a lot of experience in doing this back here in the UK).

There are, of course, a lot more other reasons for downloading high volumes than pirating Doctor Who-including, for instance, watching movies or TV legally. Equally, “IP obfuscation tools” are simply, if you didn’t already know, services such as virtual private networks (VPNs) these are perfectly legal, and are used throughout the world to add an extra level of security and privacy for internet communication.

They’re generally used as a way of maintaining security while using public WiFi networks, and are used by people working from home to access their office networks. Many Tech Buffs (Me Included), journalists etc, use them for everything as a matter of course.

And how did the episodes of Doctor Who leak onto the internet in the first place? Er, through an employee posting them on the World Wide Web on a computer at work that was publicly accessible and indexed by Google .Oops :D .

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