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Oldham Council Leader Doesn't Like Being Mentioned On Twitter

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The truth about the most politically mismanaged, discriminative & undemocratic borough in England.

Not sure about this Sheffield and Rotherham spring to mind as competitors for this title and I'm sure others could mention other councils.

However if he's upset about being mentioned on twitter imagine how he's going to react to being mentioned on here!!!! You'll have the hitmen after you!

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on’t just take my word for it. Transport and infrastructure investment which is commonly accepted as a vital foundation of economic growth is huge. Londoners enjoy more than £5,400 a year per person while the North West of England receives just £599. The same can be said of housing spend, culture and the arts and almost every other area of public spend.

I just want my portfolio to be full of £2m+ property, it's so unfair!

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He was marketing manager for the nextdoor town of Middleton. Before giving that job up to be full time leader of Oldham council.


Basic Allowance

All Elected Members


Leader and Cabinet Member for Regeneration and City Region Cllr J McMahon £26,850

Combined Authority Payment (Leader)

Cllr J McMahon


He is now also Leader of the Local Government Association (LGA) Labour Group.

Don't understand this NIL bit

Councillors' expenses, May 2012 - May 2013
  • Cllr S Akhtar: £73.83
  • Cllr M Alcock: Nil
  • Cllr A Alexander: Nil
  • Cllr B Ames: Nil
  • Cllr A Azad: Nil
  • Cllr C Ball: Nil
  • Cllr M Bashforth: Nil
  • Cllr S Bashforth: £28.60
  • Cllr J Battye: Nil
  • Cllr B Beeley: Nil
  • Cllr R Blyth: Nil
  • Cllr N Briggs: Nil
  • Cllr B Brownridge: £8.50
  • Cllr A Chadderton: Nil
  • Cllr O Chadderton: Nil
  • Cllr Z Chauhan: Nil
  • Cllr D Dawson: Nil
  • Cllr P Dean: Nil
  • Cllr S Dearden: Nil
  • Cllr J Dillon: £93.95
  • Cllr P Dillon: Nil
  • Cllr S Fielding: Nil
  • Cllr E Garry: Nil
  • Cllr F Haque: Nil
  • Cllr G Harkness: £99.00
  • Cllr J Harrison: Nil
  • Cllr D Heffernan: Nil
  • Cllr D Hibbert: £365.98
  • Cllr R Hindle: Nil
  • Cllr D Houle: Nil
  • Cllr J Hudson: Nil
  • Cllr F Hussain: Nil
  • Cllr J Iqbal: Nil
  • Cllr A Jabbar: Nil
  • Cllr B Judge: Nil
  • Cllr T Larkin: Nil
  • Cllr A Malik: Nil
  • Cllr J McCann: Nil
  • Cllr H McDonald: Nil
  • Cllr C McLaren: Nil
  • Cllr J McMahon: Nil
  • Cllr E Moores: Nil
  • Cllr N Newton: Nil
  • Cllr V Price: Nil
  • Cllr S Qumer: Nil
  • Cllr K Rehman: Nil
  • Cllr A Roughley: Nil
  • Cllr A Salamat : Nil
  • Cllr V Sedgwick: Nil
  • Cllr A Shah: Nil
  • Cllr G Sheldon: Nil
  • Cllr G Shuttleworth: Nil
  • Cllr J Stretton: £112.30
  • Cllr H Sykes: £438.40
  • Cllr L Thompson: Nil
  • Cllr Y Toor: Nil
  • Cllr A Ur-Rehman: Nil
  • Cllr S Williams: Nil
  • Cllr D Williamson: £15.00
  • Cllr J Wrigglesworth: Nil

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