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We Have A New Terror Group Now The 'khorosan' - Toothpaste Bombs

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Plot to 'blow up airliners with toothpaste bombs' was being planned by unknown 'Khorosan' terror group that was hit alongside ISIS in US strikes on Syria
  • Mysterious terror collective Khorasan Group were close to launching attack
  • Al Qaeda-linked militants were in final stages of plot against U.S. or Europe
  • Pentagon did not discuss nature of attack or how intelligence came to light
  • U.S. launched eight attacks on Khorasan during overnight bombings in Syria
  • Raids were backed by five Arab nations - with ISIS targets the major focus

So now we have yet another threat to go with Al Qaeda / ISIS, IS, ISIL. Amazing timing that this information comes out just as we start a full scale bombing campaign.



Khorasan hasn’t arrived to overthrow Bashar al-Assad. It’s not interested laying claim to great swaths of land and resources, as is the Islamic State. Rather, American officials told the Associated Press, its members have come from Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan to exploit the flood of Western jihadists who now have skin in the fight — and possess very valuable passports. According to the AP, al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri dispatched this deputy to recruit those Western fighters, who have a better chance of escaping scrutiny at airports and could place bombs onto planes.

In what the Wall Street Journal described as the first time an American official publicly acknowledged the group, James Clapper said late last week that “in terms of threat to the homeland, Khorasan may pose as much of a danger” as the Islamic State. The New York Times then reported the group posed a “more direct threat” to American and Europe than the Islamic State.

The Islamic State wants its caliphate. It wants regional control. But Khorasan, which has partnered with sophisticated Yemeni bombmakers, wants a repeat of 9/11.

I can see why these people would escape scrutiny, as I'm sure there passports may potentially have some obvious red flags about where they have been travelling too!

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Guest eight

Not wanting to give them ideas, but as an infrequent flyer (and NEVER in my life transatlantic) I don't find aeroplane terror plots very terrorising.

Now if some nutter was to go all Lee Rigby in my local shopping centre, that might be a different matter....

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