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Scarborough - 50K Houses

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I've been waiting for this.

These are houses, not a park home, or flats, or a caravan in Filey.

Crap houses, in crap areas but houses non the less.

Yes they are listed as Auction and the price is a guide price.



The local reality is the town has been hammered over the last 10 years.

The population is dying out.

The rough end was being filled up with scum. No longer as the magic benefit tree has stopped giving out money.

I've been saying the average house in Scarborough should be selling for 60k - thats what the average wage will support.

Incidently, if you do want a well made house in a place that is not a complete sh1t hole, with decentish travel to York and beyond then Scarborough is your place.

Some of the larger houses in town and the outer areas are fantastic value (relative to the UK as a whole) - providing you bring your own work with you.

Currently, the lack of sales over the last 7 years has piled up so much stock. Prices are everywhere. The rightmove search fails as there are too many houses for sale.

God knows what discount to asking price people are getting - 20%-30%

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Incidently, if you do want a well made house in a place that is not a complete sh1t hole, with decentish travel to York and beyond then Scarborough is your place.

Keep us informed.

Looking at sold prices for those postcode of the first link house, and houses up for sale there now, I wonder how much they'd cost to build today. A lot with favoured developers turning in record profits. Actually not even possible for it seems to me developers seem utterly incapable of building anything as good as these houses today, for families, quality, space, design, the bay windows and everything. Eg: I like this house, which sold in Feb 2012 for £175,500. (Still expect market conditions/money tightening, to see them become better value in future). Looking at other sales in the postcode, 5, 7, 9 bedroom... one up for sale at the moment, arranged as flats (HMO?) and there appears to be B&B to the side too.

I think the second might fetch a slightly more than guide, seeing as these two, although to a much better standard, with some extension work of some sort, look Sold STC.

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Ive noticed similar. Values holding up in cities and their immediate commuter belts, but in the wilds of Lincs and Yorks falling away. No work in these places. Once the boomers die out they'll be ghost villages.

Long overdue IMO. Most European villages emptied their populations over the preceding few decades. Its only the green belt and planning law which means us brits are condemned to long commutes in from far flung villages.

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