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I Predict A Yes Vote 53:47

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Bladdy Twitter! Cheers my man. It has been mentioned, by no less a personage as Ruth Davidson, that Friockheim (she couldn't pronounce it right, about the only thing she can't get her mouth around!) has a 100% turnout.

Mind you, I think it's only got a population of @ 900 :)

You could never get a 100% turnout anyway, if only because there are bound to be deaths since the register was compiled. Even in apolling district with just 900 voters, you couldn't avoid deaths.

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People turned up to vote in Glasgow only to be told that they had already voted. Well I never.

There were stories in the press about a week ago about thousands of voting cards going missing. We now know what happened to them.

Apparently, the Yes camp are disappointed because the Glasgow result is - so far - 54% Yes - when the Yes had expected a much bigger lead.

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No win first ward declared by about 3,000 votes - apparently it was in the top 5 or 6 target wards for the Yes lot.

About 19,000 to 16,000.

Wards are the constituent parts of local council areas.

No has won the first council.

But all votes count towards the total.

Sorry to be pedantic. :blink:

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Peston talking to Andrew Neil now on the BBC. Talking about the Pound rising and the economic implications if it is a no vote.

First thing Peston said is that a NO vote means that interest rate rises will certainly start before the general election and possibly on the cards for as early as November.

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BBC just called it - NO.

The country is saved. Rejoice! Rejoice! G&Ts all around.

Is it saved? maybe it's much messier this way. A panic pledge to give more powers to Scotland will have knock-on effects in the rest of the UK.

Most perplexing question is 'Home Rule for England.' How do you do this? If you make it so that only English MPs can vote on English legislation then you are not far off making it a requirement that a UK government must have a majority in England, and that might lead inevitably to the break-up of the UK.

It might be better for everyone if Camoron came out at 7am and said: 'Look, I lied about more powers for Scotland. No more devoluton. That will be all - I'm off for breakfast.'

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