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I Predict A Yes Vote 53:47

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They needed to address the situation regarding the currency and the EU. A well reasoned economic plan could have swung it IMO. Without it you were voting for fairy dust.

I agree. I don't think people were that scared of the potential consequences of separation, rather they were scared of voting for people who were in a state of denial about them. There were very easy mitigations available on both points for example. On the EU, they could simply have said that, in the event of quick entry not being available, they would instead negotiate freedom of movement of people and goods to cover the interim period. On the currency, they could have said that they'd issue their own and either peg to the pound or the euro and accept the inevitability of the large banks moving their operations south of the border (if they'd been clever about it, they could also have sold that as an economic advantage). There were all sorts of reasonable responses, but Salmond essentially chose this instead:


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I'm afraid I need to repeat the question, what do you, I, us do now to change the system?

I think the SNP will have another go in 15 years and may succeed, another 15 years of diminished north sea oil revenues may make that even less fiscally attractive.

But next time around they have got to look less extreme.

(1) Don't make assumptions on keeping the pound.

(2) Make it absolutely clear to the Markets that the National Debt isn't a blackmailing tool...reneging on pro-rata debt (be it based on GDP or population) is against international law.

(3) Don't be triumphalist and assume victory.

(4) Keep your supporters in order.........Miliband Mallgate probably lost 100,000 votes.

Btw I think it was presentational problems over policy, in the event none of these threats such as on the National debt would have been carried out. I think they just need to look more responsible, as did New Labour in 1997, and suddenly the voters weren't afraid anymore.

Scotland has a clearly separate identity from England and I think it should govern itself.

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I have a lot of respect for your arguments.

However the 'YES' campaign seemed to want to nationalise BP and I'm not really sure it would have been theres to take into public ownership.

They needed to address the situation regarding the currency and the EU. A well reasoned economic plan could have swung it IMO. Without it you were voting for fairy dust.

Jim Sillars mentioned nationalising BP, one man in the yes campaign, a man who holds no public office. Of course, it got blown out of proportion by the media.

The yes campaign were always crippled on the currency and the EU because Westminster refused to open dialogue. A gambit that proved successful in the long run. However, no one seriously suggested that Scotland could not be a successful independent country, which implies that everyone accepted that these areas were resolvable.

Ach well, I hope crashmonitor's 15 year prediction for the next referendum is a little out, as the statistics of this referendum tell me that 70-year olds are more likely to vote no :o

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