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Tv Points, But No Aerial!

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Posting this on behalf of a friend who has recently moved into a new rental property.

She moved in a fortnight ago and was given an inventory which includes mention of TV points in four rooms. The TV points are all there as stated, but none of them work. Being not the most technically minded person and having lots on her mind with the move she ignored this until last weekend, but having investigated we now know that although each TV point is connected to a length of co-ax cable the cables just hang free in the roof space. They have evidently never been attached to an aerial!

Any thoughts on what she can do about this? Clearly she'll raise it with the letting agent but they might just shrug their shoulders and do nothing. Can she insist that an aerial is fitted? Is there an expectation that fixtures and fittings work as you would expect (you wouldn't have power sockets not connected to the mains would you!?) and any other suggestions?

Thanks very much.

(Thanks also for the useful info in other threads about landlords claiming against deposits and how to fight this, she is also dealing with that in relation to the last place!)

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I doubt there's much of a legal angle to it unless something explicit in tenancy agreement (that there is one, or that it's the landlord's responsibility, or that tenant can't install themselves). The reference to tv points does seem to infer the ability to use them, although an inventory isn't an ast.

As someone who's been a tenant and a landlord I think it should be the landlord's responsibility because not like it's something you pack up and move about with you. The benefit is accrued to the property. If it's let through an agent I doubt there'll be a problem because their income relies on managing both parties. If the landlord kicks up a fuss about a one-off £150ish to fit an aerial for the next x years they're probably in the wrong place.

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You my need a mains powered splitter because when you split a tv reception you lose 50% of the signal. Running 2 tv's might work if the signal is strong but 4 off 1 ariel is pushing it.

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I had this in an old rental house. I asked the letting agents who sought approval from the landlord to get one installed. All paid for and professionally installed with a mains powered spliter.

Sometimes a simple phone call works?

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