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Brown In The Brown Stuff

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Brown will admit economic boom forecast was wrong

"GORDON Brown will finally concede that the economic boom he forecast for the UK this year has failed to materialise – but he will predict a quick and sharp recovery accompanied by a new era of slower public spending.

In his Pre-Budget Report on Monday, the Chancellor of the Exchequer will admit that the growth of 3% to 3.5% he originally predicted will end up closer to the 1.7% now forecast by independent analysts. "

More: http://thebusinessonline.com/Stories.aspx?...2E-D07EB5AA1CEE

Brown fiddles, Britain burns

"GORDON Brown faces the most critical week since he became Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1997, in what is shaping up to be a pivotal few days for British politics. On Monday afternoon, Mr Brown will announce a humiliating downgrade of his official growth forecast for the British economy, from an over-optimistic 3% to 3.5% to a more realistic but pedestrian 2% or less. For a Chancellor who has long claimed near-omniscience in his economic forecasting and supposed ability to keep the British economy growing faster than the rest of the Western world (two ludicrous claims that have gained currency only because an economically-challenged media let him get away with them), this will be a bitter pill to swallow. Things will become even sourer when, the following day, the Conservatives elect David Cameron to be their new leader, their first potentially popular candidate for 15 years and a man who will focus all his energies on fighting Mr Brown where he is weakest."

More: http://thebusinessonline.com/Stories.aspx?...88-E1AC85BF7FDF

Nowhere left for Brown to hide

"CRUNCH time for Gordon Brown: this week the Chancellor faces his nemesis. In the eight years of this Labour government, despite holding the second highest office, he has been the most elusive politician in the country. Now there is no place for him to hide. Tomorrow he has to deliver his Pre-Budget Report; he will do so in a context of economic slowdown and the first stirrings of a possible Tory revival. "

More: http://scotlandonsunday.scotsman.com/opini...m?id=2348672005

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More Brown stuff:

Brown's empty boast

"When Gordon Brown stands up in the Commons tomorrow to present his ninth pre-budget report, he will insist that pretty well everything in the garden is rosy. True, growth this year will be only half what he predicted in March, but he has a list of excuses from high oil prices and the weak European economy to the cooling house market and changes in the statistics. The subtext is that it is not his fault. Instead he will look on the bright side: low inflation, low interest rates, record employment and the prospect of an upturn next year. He will give us his usual lecture on the underlying condition of Britain's economy. Like a used car dealer skilled at concealing rust and winding back the mileage, Mr Brown is a practised performer. He will insist the Britain of 2005 is enterprising and business friendly and becoming more so. It has become a global leader in science, research and development and innovation. Public services are being transformed by his targeted spending. "

more: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2088-1903172,00.html

Back to thin gruel for Brown

"When Gordon Brown presents his pre-budget report tomorrow (Monday December 5), we can expect several things. He will revise down his growth forecast for this year to under 2%, well below the 3% to 3.5% he was predicting in March, while insisting it is a temporary blip."

More: http://www.economicsuk.com/blog/000262.html

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how about:

Brown sinking in the Brown stuff

Gordon Brown is slowly sinking in the Sh!t that he has been spewing from his mouth about the booming economy and is going to admit this when his pre budget speech includes the fact that his 3.5% growth prediction for the UK is really only 1.7%. Still he could argue that he was half right!!!

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So do you think brown will come clean about inflation figures ! I think it is close to 10% and it’s only time before the money markets take note.

Brown has been allowed to lie on everything from immigration to the unemployment figures as the media is controlled by bankers and lawyers and it’s these people along with corrupt government that ensures we are all getting poorer.

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Brown may be predicting a sharp recovery........ but the yield curve is predicting a recession. It will be interesting to see who is right.

Incidentally. UK growth since 1997 has been fuelled by 1. MEW and a declining saving rate, 2. Massive public spending increases.

No 1 is now ceasing as house prices stagnate, hence a recession in the retail sector. If No 2 is removed the economy will collapse as a recession occurs in the rest of the economy.

The private sector which Brown has spent 8 years deystroying is in no shape to take up the economic slack if public sector spending is reigned in.

No, public sector spending will not be reigned in, taxes cannot go higher..... and so Brown will have no option but to borrow, expect a surge in UK Gov Gilt issues are Brown tries to spend our way out of trouble. It will fail, just like it did last time Labour wrecked the UK economy.

Not too worried as we're leaving the UK in July ( before currency restrictions are imposed ). Back in 2012 if things have improved. To those staying behind, bulls included, good luck, you'll need it :o

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