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Sunday Morning Rant

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Strolled to my newsagent for the sunday paper, and, in doing so walked past 3 houses, brand new, 2 semi 3 beds and a smallish 5 bed. All look nice outside, heating gioing so thats a nice additional expense for the developer. I'd say they look better built than most. They are within a 10 minute walk of Cheddington Railway station with access to London Euston in around 40 minutes. Well located well built, on with 3 agents and have not sold despite the fact they have been ready for occupancy for several months. We moved here at the beginning of October and they had clearly been ready for some time then.

They are not selling. The semis are priced at £289,950 (just looked on the agents web site- one bedroom has a 5 foot something dimension!!!!!)

They will not sell for that price or anywhere near it, perhaps someone with local knowledge might know if they have already been reduced? I would guess that a tad under the £250,000 stamp duty threshold might see some action otherwise they will stay in virginal condition for some time. I would not pay even that for such a small space. I rent a far larger property for less than the IO mortgage payments on £250,000.

The point of this tale is

If these wont, cant sell, just like dozens of properties that have for sale signs within a 5 mile radius and

If people i know have taken savage reductions to sell (£45,000 and £60,000 respectively in last 3 months) then where do the VI's get their HP increases from? They are false, misleading and an attempt at manipulating the sheeple who satnd to lose the most, scared FTB's who dont want to miss the boat, for gods sake dont do it FTB,s its the HP equivillant of the bleeding Titanic. Why is there no scrutiny of such fraudulent claims. I'm sorry, I know its Sunday morning and all that, but claims of increases in house prices are complete B**locks. Tell the hoards of frustrated sellers that prices are rising and see the reaction you will get.

VI's should be held to account for the losses of the (albeit economic idiots), that buy in this climate.

Right thats it I'm off to scour the property pages that will no doubt tell me what a great time it is to buy,

yeah right! :angry:

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I was at a dinner party last night. One person in the road has had their house on the market for a few weeks, but nobody has bothered to come and look at it.

Various reasons were given by the group (I've learned to keep quiet), it's down a cul-de-sac, there's no passing traffic, they need another estate agent, obviously not doing their job etc.

Of course no-one seems to mention that 2 years ago there would have been a queue of people lining up to buy this place (3 bed semi in Surrey).

This is how a housing rout begins, buyers just disappear.

And there are still people who can't see it.

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Dont think that all houses are not selling. In fact that will serve no purpose at all. We need houses to sell, but at massive reduced offers. This will eventually drive the prices down. The latest LR figures revealed why less sales = higher average price. (Apart from the VI allowing NO ACCESS to their methodology).


The graph I posted towards the end explains it in a simple picture.


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