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Is There Really A High Street Slowdown?

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One of the bull arguments employed to suggest that there isn't a HSSD is "more people are buying on-line so of course highstreet retailers are feeling the pinch".

I've just come off the phone with a friend of mine who is a self employed seamstress working in a local clothing store. She is having a very quiet time. "Is that normal for this time of year?" I asked her, "no, I normally don't have enough hours in the day; it's really weird, I'm very worried" was the reply.

Now I'm sure you could get this type of service over the net, but it does not strike me as being a typical web opportunity, especially when you are providing a local service.

Now this is only one anecdote and one swallow doesn't make a summer - anyone else got similar anecdotes?

Perhaps we could make a flock!



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I've just had a flyer through., Laura Ashley starts its sale 15 December through to mid January and Debenhams has 10% off everything this weekend. !!

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Aren't internet sales included in the high street figures anyway?

yes,to a degree.

......it's worthwhile remembering that the online outfits generally have lower overheads than the high-street outlets,so don't expect the company profits to take a massive hammering when they report.

...what you are more likely to see when they announce is a bit about how well online is doing,and restructuring is in the offing to take into account new customer trends.

....this means"the high street was crap and those outfits lost us a shedload of money,it was only our website and low-cost warehouse which saved our bacon,so we will close a few high street outlets,sack the staff,and then our losses will be cut a bit"

.....if you strip out the corporate-b0ll0cks.

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I think what hasn't helped is the perception that if you don't buy it early then the shops will get desperate and discount it allowing you to spend less cash.

It certainly happened last year and people have been told by the media this year that bigger discounts are coming if you wait. And they are - argos are doing vouchers *again* - £5 back if you spend £50 - £10 if you spend £100; Debenhams have got a sale on again with another 10% off.

Is it any wonder that people are waiting for bargains?

If you look at chocolate fountains for instance - this years must have girls gadget which you know you'll only use once because of the sheer volume of chocolate it needs you'll put on masses of weight if you use it every week - its been reduced in price several times online - til now its about 49 quid - which is about the price I've seen it in a shop for.

The xbox 360 sold out - but how much of that was because they only bought a few into the country? Anecdotal evidence says someone 5th in the queue didn't get one because the store only got 4 in (Whether they dealt with pre-orders prior to that I assume yes)

Ahopping was horrific the other weekend when I went out - not going out at weekend until afetr xmas cos I hate the shops when they're busy.

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