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London Real Estate Goes Into Full-Scale Collapse (Business Insider)

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Come back in 3 Months.

I've been coming back for too many years now.

If London and SE Englands houses fall to 2007 levels in a year (something the MSM and would see as a crash) its hardly giving people affordable property, thus in my humble opinion isn't a crash.

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The negative news in the MSM has been picking up lately, Government policies have been changed (non resident tax rules). Hinting at interest rates increases but not actually doing it. The TPTB want to slow down the HPI. Something like Russia comes along (unexpected?) could start a panic.

I think they will start sending out positive news to try to stop it going down to much. But it might not work this time. We did not have a full correction in 2007-2008.

By the time this is over I expect most of the small time (mom & pop) BTL houses to end up in the hands of the super rich. Not directly but through some some sort of property trust investment vehicle.

I think it will crash (I sold out 2004). (it took the lowest interest rates in 300+ years to stop it last time)

Unless you going to buy cash (post crash) I don't think you will be able to buy. The really rich will clean up again at low prices.

Anyone that needs a mortgage (most of us) will be a the back of the queue.

For the very very rich the crash is just a buying opportunity. The idea that they will hold these crazy prices up forever my be false.

All they need is a good reason to let it crash and its gone. A small minority will clean up.

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It won't "crash" over the course of just one month (assuming it crashes at all). People will be in denial, and try to hang on for the mooted recovery... could be years before many have to cave in to the inevitable... That's the real danger - that the market stagnates for several years. A good solid fall in prices over 1 year may cause more pain initially, but will allow the real economy to recover within 3 years.

Even so, once we see month-on-month falls, who's going to panic buy when they could save 50 or 60k by waiting a few months?

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This ^

It's amazing, 100% increase over 5 years and minimal mention. A small 5% fall and the papers have wheeled out the doom stories.

Call me back if it falls 50%

What, on minimal sales volumes, foreign buyers buying at crashed pound prices and a minority of idiots buying into property off the back of the MSM telling them they could miss out or because they think the 2% saving rates on offer wont make them rich ( which they wont but the certainly wont make them poor ).

Do me a favour.

The 100% increases are as reliable as the governments GDP figures.

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