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Hpc-Er Television Drama From The 1970S

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Back in the late 1970s - in the dying days of the then Labour Government - BBC2 screened two series of a futuristic TV drama called 1990.

Starring Edward Woodward, it envisioned a state where Britain had experienced a massive economic crash, and the Workers' Government was elected by way of an election in which only 20% of the voters participated.

There are no armed forces worth the name, yet citizens are subject to conscription. Political dissidents are subject to medical treatment at Adult Rehabilitaion Centres, where the treatment can consist of being forced to take misery pills.

People are forbidden to do more than one job, the trade unions help rule the roost, the Civil Serrvice exerts control via the sinisterly-named Public Control department and the biggest problem facing the country is illegal emigration.

The series were never screened again, repeated or put on DVD. So here is episode 1.

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Wasn't there a series called "Fairly Secret Army"?

Not to be confused with "Secret Army" (incidentally one of my favourites)

Which in turn should not be confused with "allo 'allo" although of course that was a mickey take. Or should I say a Michel take?

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I don't know if any female charcater is evil enough to be compared to Servalan.

The 1990 episode which disturbed me the most was the last of series one - 'non-citizen' - it reminds me of the sort of things that Britain and the US are contemplating these days. A frighteningly Soviet fate for a British dissident.

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