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I'm getting married in Canada next year and am now embarking on the fruitless task of starting to pay for things. I need to start transferring £ across the pond to convert into Can$ Which will be into my Fiancé's Canadian bank account

First up, I'm going to need to transfer a lump sum of £15k and am trying to work out the best way to do this in order to get the best rate. I'll then probably be sending across a further £25k at a later date in the early new year. At the moment, the £ is up around 15% from the lows against the Can$ so that is good news and assuming Carney won't raise rates until after the GE (wedding is in March) I'm not convinced there will be a further epic rally of the £ against the Can$, but you never know. Fortunately I'm in charge of budgeting and have used what I think is a conservative 1:1.65 ratio. At the moment it looks like we could be getting around 1:1.8 so I'm kind of trying to hedge some of the risk.

I'd be interested to know any thoughts on tactics and any ideas of how to go about transferring the lump sums. Obviously I don't want to you some back of the fag packet broker who might disappear overnight, so looking ate some service where I would have some come back.

Thanks for your help!

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Used transferwise myself and saved a fortune. Get someone to refer you and your first transfer is free.

Every friend that you invite to TransferWise gets their first transfer for free. Even better: for every 3 friends that you invite who make a transfer via TransferWise, you'll get £50 sent straight to your bank account as thanks for your help!

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