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How Not To Pay Your Council Tax

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As one commenter put it.

If I did not pay my Council tax and was taken to Court, my name would be in the local news paper. This is an outrage!!

Drip drip drip.....Privacy protections seem to be favouring one side only..............


Two councillors who failed to pay their council tax have been granted anonymity – because naming and shaming them in court would violate their human rights.

The pair owe a total of £4,660 but a senior judge said unmasking them risks causing ‘unnecessary and unjustified damage and distress’.

As councillors who vote and set levels of local taxation what right do they have not to be paying it themselves?

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I'm pretty sure that this information shouldn't be in the public domain and that someone at the council has broken the Data Protection Act and possibly the Consumer Credit Act, even if the culprits weren't named.

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I don't know about that case but where one councillor down here had it splashed across the press that he hadn't paid it, the detail of the case was that he was in dispute with a previous landlord as to who owed it and that's why it hadn't. been paid.

The councillor IMO was getting a load of negative press when it appeared he was probably in the right.

Just saying....

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You can always tell the street a councillor lives in, No pot holes and has traffic calming measures or roads shut off ect to stop rat runs. Serving people my ****, they are just looking out for No1

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They are pretty much all 'at it' in some way or another.

Read earlier this week some councillors are accused of taking bungs from fracking firms to allow the smooth progress of the licences.


THE granddaughter of Motherwell and Wishaw MSP John Pentland, pictured, has been awarded £27,000 for three years worth of taxi fares to chauffeur her to dance classes.

This chap not content at feeding at the trough as a member of the Scottish Parliament also has to fill his boots sitting as a councillor in North Lanarkshire.

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