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Buy With A Stranger This Week

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Its been on this evening and I've watched it! (Haven't seen a thread to say anyone else has)

Fas stuff. Much less bitchy than that army girl. However the girl wanting to buy picks someone who had more cash than her and decided she wouldn't want to only own 30% so went away and didn't get in touch.

But the girl she'd picked ended up buying with her brother who was selling his flat and going off round the world so another one who was getting to stay on their own in a house but not enough cash to buy on their own.

The program again glossed over the cash issues during the first part, and then these did cause problems.

Again nothing on the potential downfalls such as bfs, and wanting to settle down.

I can see why people feel they want to buy a house. If you can't get a council secure tenancy then you're in short term tenancy land which I imagine is very stressful if you're planning on settling down or starting a family.

So maybe another answer is for the laws on tenancy to change to benefit the tenant - I do like the sound of the deposit rules planned for next year. I think they'll be wonderful and could get a few rogue landlords out of the system or into the tax paying system.

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I watched it (I did mention it in another thread :))

When co-buying I thought it would work like this:

-Person 1 finances 50% of the house by their own means (deposit + mortgage etc)

-Person 2 finances 50% of the house by their own means (deposit + mortgage etc)

Quite simply really. A single mortgage just wouldn't work for co-buyers. Who would co-buy and not have an equal share?

It would be a disaster if someone has a larger stake than another, although you could have a shareholders meeting and vote to see who does the washing up that evening!

Was also alot of spin... I like how Pi said at the end "I hope it will go up and up and up", then said "I'll be here for a long time"! Yes you will darling.

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I thought it was a load of ****! I can remember some daft cow on a simular kinda of programme suggesting buying with a friend as an option for FTBs'. Christ sake woman, we're talking houses here not goin' halves on a knackered 1.1 Fiesta. Anyway when I heard about this programme earlier this week on HPC I thought I would give it a look. My God! Has it really come to this? I mean are PPL in the UK really goin' out and getting 25 + years mortgages with total strangers just to get a toe nail on the ladder? Utter Madness. I was really pleased when the lass (who the programme was based on) buggered off without a trace. At least she came to her so called senses.



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