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Bankers 'must Swear Oath'

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My experience of working in this sector tells me that banking attracts a certain type of person who values financial reward and virtually nothing else in their employment. It leads to a very macho, aggressive culture.

Once a few of them get control, the whole management structure is corrupted. I'm not sure how it's possible to recover from that.

Chain of command is rife in the big banks - because the culture is moulded by this personality type. It's kick down, kiss up. Bullying. Your superiors are always right and heaven forbid you criticise them. So I see bad behavior ignored, rewarded and allowed to flourish.

In short - no more bailouts, bang up the cheats. Isn't going to happen.

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Bankers 'must swear oath' after scandals, says report


So to fix the banking system we simply ask them to give us their word that they wont do anything bad. What a brilliant idea, problem solved lads.

Would they swear on a "Holy Book, like Wisden's ?

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How about:

1) You get zero state support, (and that includes market determined interest rates)

2) If you lose money and/or go bust, tough!

Banking sector sorted overnight.

spot on. Short and sweet. Nothing else required.

Swearing an oath, these crooks ? Don't make me laugh !

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