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Uk Recovery In 13 Charts

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More interesting charts http://bilbo.economicoutlook.net/blog/?p=28283 (not mine, a result of a Google search for uk saving ratio)

Personally I like most the last one. How will they save the day next time running such a big deficit already?

It is quite clear that this recovery is driven by increased consumption funded by savings. Reduction in savings was probably caused by increased confidence and drop in interest rate as a result of FLS.

Interest rate on savings are recovering now after FLS was effectively closed this year. It is possible that raising rates will increase savings, reduce consumption and negatively impact GDP. This and stabilising house prices can lower confidence. If this happens GBP value will drop worsening situation further.

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There is no recovery. GDP has just passed the 2007 figure. However if you look at GDP per capita we are still a long way from 2007. The population has increased by a bigger percentage than the GDP has. There is an imminent election.

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Yes, very good. Worth a peruse.

I still find it remarkable how the BBC etc. never told us we were in a 'Depression' until we had 'recovered'.

Health is the second largest contributor to GDP. It's based on the number of people seen. Is that why my GP is always inviting me to test various things like cholesterol, etc.?

So a Depression that leads to more people being Depressed is a winner? The more people they drive to multiple health visits and GDP is boosted.

They just need to do a multiple part questionnaire about housing conditions and ask people to hand each part in at their doctors on different visits. Then they use the results to inflate imputed rent. Debt to GDP would tumble....

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They are predicting growth ( in the most indebted g20 country) probably because they are going to include drugs and other illegal sectors in the GDP.

They just keep rigging the basket and declare victory.

This is still going to end very badly.

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