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Foxtons Share Price And The Housing Market - Merged

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Could we not have an hour blow by blow please?

Brings nothing to the sum of knowledge.

Makes me laugh though.


What's your thinking now KB...a sign of what to comes for the london bubble or just a share price trying to find it's value ?

P.S. I think the share price hitting new lows today is worth of an update, hence the posts.

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I think reporting new lows is significant.

If the current trend continues and I see no reason why it wont then the IPO price could be breached very soon. AFter that, where does it end ?

If the banks/government are unable or unwilling to stop the collapse in london prices this time then it's anyones guess where ( or if ) the price will stop.

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Also in today's top ten fallers:

Redrow, Bovis & Barratts

That probably helps answer my quesiton above. If foxtons collapses by itself then it's only a sign of an over valued share.

If the builder + countrywide and foxton all collapse then it's a sign that the housing bubble is collapsing and support for these companies have been withdrawn ( for now ).

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If Yellen's seriously intent on pulling the plug there's nothing the filthy little shit in No. 11 can do to hold back the slide.

It's not just Yellen wither its the fact that the Chinese property market is in full collapse, there are escalations with Russia and the workers in London are 'hopelessly priced out' - eventually prices have to fall back to affordable levels or London will end up like a Chinese ghost city.

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What's your thinking now KB...a sign of what to comes for the london bubble or just a share price trying to find it's value ?

Of course it would be great if there were an historic correlation between F and HPs but there isn't - to our knowledge. So, not going to speculate.

My opinion is as useful as the PMs. All opinions on markets are equally useful.

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A comment in the MW article mentioned Telford Homes as a relevant company on the stock exchange with more history. They hit an annual low in August but have since bounced back.

They were going strong over the last 12 months. I wonder how many locals bought tiny 85sqm apartments for £750,000?


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It will be interesting to see how it reacts if it gets down to 230

Could be a massively strong support and lead to a mega bounce

Or price might just drift down past it as if had no significance

Whichever of those it is will paint an interesting - and investable - outcome

Until then, sitting on hands might not be a bad option

imo - which has no substance to it and really shouldn't be taken as any sort of advice

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