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Foxtons Share Price And The Housing Market - Merged

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Good, now we need all the EAs to start predicting a downturn in the housing market and making their estate agents redundant. That and BTL owners starting to s*** themselves, I think Im starting to enjoy myself more now than when I sold up in 2007 leading up to the 2008 crash...

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Just popped over to the MSE forums to see what's occurring, the silence is deafening, no new threads started since the result, barely any new comments on existing threads.

Poor Hamish et al... their hpi/btl circlejerk has been very abruptly interrupted.

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55m ago 08:07 Housebuilders plunge by 40% It’s an absolute rout! The FTSE 100 has shed 527 points, or over 8%, in a massive selloff.... Some shares have lost a third of their value. Housebuilders

Raylor Wimpey and Persimmon have plunged by 40% And some shares have still not opened....


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Foxton profit warning

Foxtons has issued a profit warning.


Just saw this too :D


Looks like tenants fees could be the next PPI.

Apparently they think the housing market might suffer.

I was talking to 2 Swansea EAs on Friday who had decided that London house prices will now slump but that Swansea will not suffer.

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