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Foxtons Share Price And The Housing Market - Merged

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If 230 is a critical level and as it's closed more than 3% below that today (below say 223) then all things being equal if it holds 223 or below for the next couple of days or so then it should continue down. More than 4% down closes would be even better.

If it closes below 223 on independence vote day and especially when the vote is known then the chances are that it'll continue down.

Even if it bounces back up to a ceiling of say 230 on the result the chances are that it'll eventually resume it's downwards path.

(no responsibility held - this is not investment advice or even advice - do your own research)

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So it goes back up to support turned resistance. Not surprising.

NOW (next week or two) will be the decider. Does the fall thru' 230 prove to be a fake and it builds a base here or does it struggle and fall back down, in which case we could be looking at 160 next target as I said was possible some months ago. (Based on the H&S pattern.)

On verra but the price will tell. Not speculators and dreamers.

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So up 2% on Friday and zero change today. Does that even register as a post-No bounce, or just normal ebb and flow?

Meanwhile, the FT All Share is pretty much back where it closed last Wednesday (against my expectations), and GBP/USD is only a fraction higher.

So what's the thinking? Could it be (a) markets never believed Yes had any chance anyway therefore No gets no reaction or (B) there would have been a big post-No bounce but it's been cancelled out by uncertainty arising from all of the political announcments?

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