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Rapid Price Increases For Some Generic Drugs Catch Users By Surprise

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The first sign of trouble came when Dr. Barry Lindenberg, a cardiologist, received a three-page insurance form in January, demanding he get preapproval to prescribe one of the oldest known heart medicines.

His patient had been on the drug, digoxin, for many years. A mainstay of treating older patients with rapid rhythm disturbances, it was first described in the medical literature in 1785. Millions of Americans still use it every day, and many had long paid just pennies a pill.

“I wrote on the form: ‘ARE YOU KIDDING ME?’ ” said Dr. Lindenberg, who practices in Schenectady, N.Y.

What the cardiologist did not know then was that the price of generic digoxin was rapidly rising. The three companies selling the drug in the United States had increased the price they charge pharmacies, at least nearly doubling it since late last year, according to EvaluatePharma, a London-based consulting firm.

Will this happen to the NHS? The drug companies working in collusion to push up generic prices or is this inflation caused by the raw materials?

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The bankers have been made an example of.

You can lie, steal, cheat and get the taxpayer to cough up and all is ok.

A disgusting precedent has been set and approved by the authorities. Free for all for those in a position to try and do the same.

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It couldn't be something to do with land prices etc could it - putting up costs/prices (aka a thriving economy by the VIs :rolleyes: ).

Of course after the banker benefiter bailouts they've all seen the light to free lunches.

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