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Foreign Aid

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Why do people hate it?


1997: £41 million was given in aid by the British Government.

Money was given to individuals to help them move to other countries.

However much of the population are poor and rely on farming which is for their subsistence. Before the eruption of 1995, over 12,000 people lived on the island but less than 5000 do today.

What's 42M divided up between 12000 people?

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It would be interesting to see the breakdown of how it was spent.
How much was spent on the distribution of it compared to what people were given.
Was the UK the only country to give money?

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I remember this. Clare Short was pilloried because there was a fund raising appeal for donations and she said there was no need because the government had an aid programme in place. Rightly or wrongly I seem to remember agreeing with her at the time.

"I understand that people are disgruntled but we have acted very quickly and reasonably," said Clare Short, Secretary of State for International Development. "We provided funds for people who want to travel to Britain, we're now announcing a package for people who want to relocate in the Caribbean," she told the BBC.

Adults moving to other countries in the Caribbean would get pounds 2,400 over the next six months, provided they did not have savings and assets worth more than pounds 10,000 pounds. Those under 18 would get pounds 600. Britain would also pay air fares to nearby countries. But that is a long way short of the recommendations made by local officials.

The package is pegged to average earnings on Montserrat and is for those living on the island on August 16, when scientists said the volcano was becoming much more dangerous. Those who left earlier can apply for help under another scheme yet to be announced.


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Denninger has had a few posts on his blog recently about a guaranteed income. I forget the exact figures, but if you took the US welfare budget and divided it by the amount of people below a certain level, you could guarantee everyone an income of $20,500 or similar.

Obviously that would solve a lot of poverty, but with all the money going to the recipients rather than the administrative non-jobbers in the civil service, I guess there wouldnt be much reason for the govt to do that. Its not like they exist to actually address issues, afterall...more create new ones.

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