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Relocation To Austria Or Germany

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Having spent several holidays in Germany, and more recently a week travelling around various bits of Austria, I found coming back to the UK somewhat depressing. Travelling back home from Stanstead by train through the outskirts of London was very depressing. Urban decay was the order of the day.

I can't even begin to fully articulate how much nicer and better presented things felt over there. Architecture, public transport, pavements, cycle paths etc etc. Despite the football being on at the time I was over there, I didn't really see any evidence of the chav/lager lout mentality that you get in the UK either.

From what I've read on this and other sites, there isn't so much of a dependency on owning your own house due to a more tightly regulated rental sector.

I find the thought of living on the continent to be quite enticing, though frightening at the same time.

Just how difficult is it to set up life in a new country? I work in IT and my partner is a nurse, though I realise we would probably have to work in unskilled jobs until we became more established in our desired country.

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I'm planning to find out for myself later this year - been offered a job in Sweden and, assuming the final contractual bits and pieces are sorted out, will be taking my family over there in a few months.

There is someone on here called sexton who lives in Sweden .

He posted in this thread http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=196818

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I lived in Munich from 1994 - 2001. Went out for a 6 month IT contract and ended up staying nearly 8 years :-)

Loved the placed and still wondering why I came back!

If you're in IT maybe that's the way you should play it too. Get a contract out there and treat that as a trial run to see how you & the missus like the place.

There are loads of international companies out there that have English as the working language so speaking German is not a pre-requisite (though you should make an attempt to learn some whilst you're there).

If you're any good they'll probably offer you a permie position at some point too.

Depending on your IT skills you can expect a decent pay rise compared to UK and more holidays!

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I've been in Germany for 15 years, couldn't speak the language at first but working for an international company they were more interested in my technical skills and my English than my German langauge skills. Even now I guess only 5% of my work needs to be in German. At the moment people with IT skills are very highly in demand and for most the lack of German will not be a handicap. For your partner it will be almost impossible without good German, wages for nurses are also quite a bit lower than the UK but there is always the prospect of TEFL etc.

It is not easy going to another country and the grass is not always greener but I don't see any disadvantages if you are working in the same industry & also learning a foreign language at the same time.

If you are serious then let me know what skills you have as there are openings where I work at the moment.

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If you have some IT skills and a UK university degree, you should have no problem finding english speaking work in any of the big German cities. Your partner will have issues working as a nurse, but should read up on the massive Elternzeit entitlements you will be providing.


Distance wise, it's not like you are moving to New Zealand is it?

Please say what IT skills you have, as we also have openings where I work at the moment.

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