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Supreme Court Rejects Contraceptives Mandate For Some Corporations

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The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that requiring family-owned corporations to pay for insurance coverage for contraception under the Affordable Care Act violated a federal law protecting religious freedom. It was, the dissent said, “a decision of startling breadth.”

The 5-to-4 ruling, which applied to two companies owned by Christian families, opened the door to challenges from other corporations over laws that they claim violate their religious liberty.

The decision, along with another closely divided one that dealt a blow to public-sector unions, ended the term with a bang. But the rulings could have had an even broader immediate impact.

Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., writing for the court’s five more conservative justices, said a federal religious-freedom law applied to “closely held” for-profit corporations run on religious principles.

Religious freedom or religious tyranny?

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Sod this laptop- though equally it has probably saved me from embarrassing myself.

Anyway the point I spent 15 minutes typing before it got wiped was that the pharmacology of birth control pills is now extremely well understood, and yet women in the UK still need the permission of a state sanctioned doctor to control their own fertility. As far as I'm concerned, they should be Over-The-Counter. FWIW I'm happy to bag up.

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As said in the banker vs state thread, individual liberty should always be preferable to state coercion, so its the right decision from an ethical point of view.

That said, its sad how the US seems to single out seperation of church and state, as if everything aside from religion is just fine to be multilated into submission by the state.

Pictures like this grind my gears...what about the freedom of those of us that arent religious...what if we have beliefs, but they just arent superstitiuous beliefs. What if my 'religion' is simply anti-statism...and recognition that my contract is between employee and employer, not an illegitimate 'state'.



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I thought this thread would be about the number of times I've been f&&cked over by Apple.

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