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Building Society Pay Levels

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I am sure many on here are concerned with the ongoing transfer of wealth from the many to the few but why, when we have a chance to influence matters, do we fail to act? I have been astonished at the levels of pay that the directors of Building Societies receive and always vote against it. Why do so few of us do this? For example the CEO of Nationwide received a package amounting to £2,571,000 in 2014; yes that's right, £2.5 million! And yet the staff at the bottom will barely receive a living wage. It is disgusting from a moral perspective before you consider how The Nationwide BS seem to ramp ownership at unaffordable levels whilst treating their savers with contempt.

I suspect many here will have Nationwide accounts and I do hope you will join me by voting AGAINST the reelection of the Directors and against their remuneration packages.

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Yeah it's that time of year again.

Our annual chance to stick two fingers up to the overpaid w4nkers at the top of Nationwide.

F*** 'em!

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