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Generation Right - Watch Out Boomers?

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Generation Y more right wing than their parents


A few things that might worry the boomers:

This buccaneering application could be characteristic of our generation if they have come to expect that relatively little will be handed to them and in tough economic times they decided that they have nobody to rely on but themselves.

The flip side of this trait, however, would be that Gen Ys very much expect of others what they expect of themselves.

Sounds as if they might not be too sympathetic to the wails of the "my house is my pension" and BTL crowd who effectively everything handed to them on a plate, when Gen Y has to suffer with having been priced out by them.

This manifests itself as less sympathy than in elder generations towards those who appear to be in hardship, whether they are unemployed or seeking certain types of medical care.

Time and again we heard the refrain that if those who claim help weren't willing to help themselves first, then they should not and could not expect the continued generosity of others - and that this was the compassionate thing.

Will they be prepared to pay for the medical care of those who pulled the housing ladder away from them on the way up? Will they have any sympathy for or foot the bill of those same boomers who have to sell their homes to pay for care later on in life?

They want to support gay marriage. They are relaxed about immigration but they do want to be tough on those who don't want to contribute to society. These mixes of views are not well represented by any of the main political parties.

Too right they're not as they're chasing after the boomer vote (and that definitely includes UKIP).

Generation Y will (or won't) be paying for the care costs and state pensions of the boomers and the boomers (and some Gen X'ers) had better remember that.

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