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Qe= Debt Slavery For The Great Unwashed.

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Not exactly new insight but this account does a good job of explaining why the QE that will be paid for-one way or another- by the ordinary person becomes the very tool that will be used to enslave those same people into a lifetime of rentier exploitation.

Kind of neat actually- making people pay the cost of their own exploitation.

What if financial elites enter the market with their ‘free’ Federal Reserve cash and buy up a lions' share of accommodation to keep home ownership unaffordable and force the majority to live as renters? If, in a dwindling economy, the Power Elite can’t hold power over the masses by keeping their jobs or other income streams under threat, maybe they will switch to wanting everyone to owe them rent and use the threat of homelessness as another tool to keep people under control.

Everyone will reassure you that it's vital that the Central Banks remain beyond the control of your elected representatives- but few of those same people will take the time to point out that those same central banks are mostly staffed with people who either worked for or hope to work for unelected private financial institutions.

I think the economy is now about controlling people. We are headed for a societal structure in which opportunities to rise economically will be increasingly stifled by those at the top. The money is irrelevant now, the real game is being played is in controlling tangible and ‘essential for life’ assets: housing, water delivery, food, clothing, energy. Those at the top want power to control everyone below them, particularly to keep them from revolting.


So from this perspective the function of QE was not to 'save the economy' but to preserve the power and control of those who run that economy- and on the principle that it is Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven they chose to preserve the debt that controls the population rather than the income generating real economy from which that population derives whatever degree of independence remains to it.

Ancient civilisations practiced the debt jubilee in which debts were cancelled to preserve the real economy from stagnation - the elites of our time chose the opposite path, they chose to rescue the debts at the cost of economic stagnation-and QE is the instrument they chose to achieve it.

So one answer to the apparent stupidity of printing money not to pay down debt, but in order to attempt to create more of it might be that debt is and always has been an instrument of control- it represents the conversion of naked force into a moral imperative- after all, if you owe you owe it's off to work you go- no whips or chains required.

So the reason the banks got their bailout and you will not get yours is because your debt has value far beyond it's financial worth- it's the social glue that binds you to the system and which makes you the useful drone that you pride yourself on being.

'I always pay my debts' is the proud boast of a slave so far gone in his slavery he takes pride in his chains.

You won't catch the likes of Goldman Sachs being so utterly foolish as to not avail themselves of any and all opportunities to extricate themselves from debts and obligations of any kind- which is why they run the world and we only live in it.

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Yes.Spot on. In my communications with sheeple I always state the above, but to no effect...

It is sheeple that sustain this "new world order", and not the " elites" if anything is elitist about them.

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