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Artificial Intelligence Running Some Twitter Accounts.

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I've joked on here in the past that I am in fact just an AI routine created by a lab using the forum as means of conducting a Turing test- these text only environments are the ideal place to run such tests.

As it turns out Twitter is even better;

You might say that bots are not very sophisticated and so easy to spot. And that Twitter monitors the Twittersphere looking for, and removing, any automated accounts that it finds. Consequently, it is unlikely that you are unknowingly following any automated accounts, malicious or not.

If you hold that opinion, it’s one that you might want to revise following the work of Carlos Freitas at the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil and a few pals, who have studied how easy it is for socialbots to infiltrate Twitter.

Their findings will surprise. They say that a significant proportion of the socialbots they have created not only infiltrated social groups on Twitter but became influential among them as well. What’s more, Freitas and co have identified the characteristics that make socialbots most likely to succeed.

There's also this;

A program that convinced humans that it was a 13-year-old boy has become the first computer ever to pass the Turing Test. The test — which requires that computers are indistinguishable from humans — is considered a landmark in the development of artificial intelligence, but academics have warned that the technology could be used for cybercrime.

Computing pioneer Alan Turing said that a computer could be understood to be thinking if it passed the test, which requires that a computer dupes 30 per cent of human interrogators in five-minute text conversations.

Eugene Goostman, a computer program made by a team based in Russia, succeeded in a test conducted at the Royal Society in London. It convinced 33 per cent of the judges that it was human, said academics at the University of Reading, which organized the test.

It is thought to be the first computer to pass the iconic test. Though other programs have claimed successes, those included set topics or questions in advance.

The computer program claims to be a 13-year-old boy from Odessa in Ukraine.

“In the field of Artificial Intelligence there is no more iconic and controversial milestone than the Turing Test, when a computer convinces a sufficient number of interrogators into believing that it is not a machine but rather is a human,” he said. “Having a computer that can trick a human into thinking that someone, or even something, is a person we trust is a wake-up call to cybercrime.


The implications here for call center workers are not too good. Unlike the Goostman programme which had to be able to field questions of any sort most call center conversations are not that wide ranging- so the odds on being able to use this kind of technology for at least the routine calls look to be getting shorter.

And for call center automation the issue of convincing people they are talking to a real person is secondary- as long as the system could react intelligently to users inquiries would they really care if it were a human or a machine?

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Oh come on. It was Kevin Warwick and fellow Star Trek conventionees they were trying to dupe. Like pushing on an open door.

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So long as the bot can replicate:

"Hello my name's Kevin, how may I be helping you today please?"

Should be onto a winner.

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There's already quite a few automated call centres that you can query via your phone. They work remarkably well too.

Yes, that's a pretty well-constrained problem, as in there are limits on possible conversations.

Another class of mass employment gone..

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