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Ecb's Coeure - Rates To Diverge From Uk, U.s. For Years

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They want to devalue but are trying everything to avoid QE.

I think they're just waiting for US to exit QE and start raising to do the leg work for them.

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'importing disinflation' must be an unintended tribute to Orwell's Ministry of Truth & New Speak. It deserves a special place in the HPC lexicon alongside 'negative surplus', 'softening' & everyone's favourite,'imputed rent'. I look forward to the day when MSM lackeys talk about the economy 'disimproving', and houseprices experiencing a 'gravity led surge'.

They're no longer polishing a turd and they're now trying to pick out the peanuts....

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Disinflation is a decrease in the rate of inflation – a slowdown in the rate of increase of the general price level of goods and services in a nation's gross domestic product over time. It is the opposite of reflation. Disinflation occurs when the increase in the “consumer price level” slows down from the previous period when the prices were rising.

If the inflation rate is not very high to start with, disinflation can lead to deflation – decreases in the general price level of goods and services. For example if the annual inflation rate for the month of January is 5% and it is 4% in the month of February, the prices disinflated by 1% but are still increasing at a 4% annual rate. Again if the current rate is 1% and it is –2% for the following month, prices disinflated by 3% i.e. [1%–(-2)%] and are decreasing at a 2% annual rate.

They are scared 5h1tless of anything near deflation. Trouble is no economy in history has ever avoided deflation.

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:lol: Yep, it is crumbling, they can`t polish much more. Saw Lagarde on the Marr show trying to say that the UK was indeed in recovery (past tense done and dusted) and that the EZ would make it, just some work to do. Even she knows it is all B.S.

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