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Effect Of Htb2 In My Area

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Thought i'd have a rant on HTB. In my area (west midlands) HTB has had a strange effect,asking prices are up but according to LR sales prices aren't really going up, but anything decent on the market is snapped up ASAP! The strange thing IMO is that i would have thought that HTB2 would have bought more supply onto the market but if anything there is less new to the market than this time last year and sales volumes are not shifting.

I know you can get pesamistic about all this but can the government really keep this party going? At least in the run up to the last boom in 2007 people were feeling richer and sales volumes were going through the roof. I know it wasn't sustainable but surely this time it is even more likely to fall over. I hardly know anyone who is doing better than last year, job security is on a knife edge and on top of that our government hasnt really cut the debt all that much.

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i looking at the 180-200k range tends to be lot of relatives selling off their inheritance housing that hasnt been touched for 20 years, some of this is selling some not, anything decent goes just like that. But none of this can last, i think we are going to end up as a worse version of Japan

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