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Letting Agent Demonstrates The Utter Contempt That They Have For Their Clients

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Typical letting agent shows the contempt in which they hold their tenants:


Vile people.

As a tenant my experience is that they will either turn up unannounced or refuse to give you a time any more specific than a 4 hour window. But when the prospective tenant doesn't turn up, they show their utter, utter contempt for what they seem to regard as recipients of charity for being allowed to rent their sh*tty slaveboxes:

Key quote:

"Your not a customer you were a tenant we were helping and you didn't show any respect cancelling the appointment you are meant to be a professional person"

It is a stain our society that our laws and fiscal policy encourage more and more people to be placed at their mercy of these shiny-suited sh*t-stains.

More comments on the local newspaper page, apparently he makes a hobby of abusing young women for not bowing and scraping enough at his polyester-suited knees:


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We need much more regulation which doesn't lend itself to just more red tape, simple and fair rules that work, and less government meddling in the actual finances of the market.

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Conservatives & Libdems just voted to not ban letting agent fees for tenants


Labour's attempt to end a "fundamentally anti-competitive corporate practice" is defeated in a House of Commons vote.

MPs have defeated an amendment to the Consumer Rights Bill that would have banned letting agents from charging fees to tenants.

Labour's amendment was defeated by a majority of 53, 281 to 228, with all but three Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs present voting against it.

The coalition Government had earlier outlined its own amendment, which it says would see letting agents face fines if they fail to publish full details of fees charged to tenants.

Stella Creasy, Labour's Member for Walthamstow, tabled the opposition's motion in an effort to prevent agents charging fees to both landlords and tenants for the same transaction.

Speaking before the vote, she said: "It is a fundamentally anti-competitive corporate practice. We want to do something about it."

She told MPs during the debate: "You have to make a decision in this House on whether you are on the side of the consumer or on the side of business."

stella-creasy-1-252x337.jpgWalthamstow MP Stella Creasy had tabled the amendment

Ms Creasy says the practice of double-charging means letting agents do not have the best interest of either party at heart, and that it places a financial burden on consumers who find themselves moving properties frequently.

Business Minister Jenny Willott, a Liberal Democrat, announced the Government's amendment ahead of the vote, saying the transparency brought about by forcing agents to publish details of fees means they would have to justify the charges properly for the first time.

The Consumer Rights Bill, currently making its way through Parliament, is being revamped to empower consumers and clarify their rights in relation to a range of online and in-store transactions.

David Newnes, director of letting agents' network LSL Services, said: "It may seem that tenants would be better off if there were no up-front fees attached to arranging a proper legal tenancy.

"Unfortunately no Act of Parliament can magic this cost away and, in reality tenants, could be far worse off."

Mr Newnes claimed that if letting agents were prevented from charging these fees, they would be offset through higher rents.

"Tenants could very well end up paying a lot more, not less," he said.

Labour leader Ed Miliband said last week during a campaign visit to Greater Manchester that his party would be challenging the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats to back the measure.

David Cameron has indicated he was prepared to work with Labour on proposals for longer term tenancy agreements, but said he would not support towards old-style rent controls.

So as you can see the current government are all in it together.

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They could set limits based on a proportion of the rent, or something in between where we are now and banning it completely. A complete ban may have unforeseen effects, seems rather sudden and severe, but I can't see it raising rents. It wasn't so long ago it cost 100 quid or so and now its more like 300, and rents haven't adjusted to compensate in that direction..

She has the yvette cooper labour "we're on your side" frowny face pretty much down, good for her. Makes her forehead rather, creasy.

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While 99% of boomers never have to interact with a letting agent as a means to get a roof over their head nothing will change. Look whose side the current bunch of ***** in power are on.

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What a nasty piece of work this guy is. :angry:

Comment from the Wail:

I was also given a mountain of abuse from Steve at Clarendon's last October. We had chosen to leave the agency after 18 months, and when my standing order accidently went through a month later due to a bank mix up, clarendon's spent a week avoiding my calls, and then Steve personally told me that my money now belonged to him, and that we deserved it. It took almost 3 weeks to get my money back, and several phone calls in which he swore profusely, called me names, and threatened me. A horrific, awful human being. At the time I was just so pleased to cut ties, I wish I had been bold enough to flag his awful behaviour up.

Karma! :)

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