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Official--Estate Agents Are Cockroaches

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Ouch!! This must be doing wonders for his Business..


An estate agent called a prospective tenant a ‘f***ing liar’ and a ‘very silly little girl’ after she missed a flat viewing because her car had exploded en route, text messages revealed today.

Ashlie Hamlyn was sent the abusive messages by Clarendon Estates owner Steve Charlton after she missed an appointment when her Volkswagen Polo burst into flames while she was driving.

Seems she did better than the Leicester Mercury..... ;-)

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smt26, stockbridge, United Kingdom, 2 hours ago

My partners an estate agent,deals with no shows everyday so comes home and takes it out on me. Estate agents are generally shallow people who care more about their suit then anything else and are so thick they work overtime for free. (You can tell I hate him at the moment right?)

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