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Xes Ban Ordered At Upmarket Estate Agents Savills After Condoms Clog The Toilet

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  • Plumbers spend seven hours cleaning blockage at Sloane Street branch
  • Mass of used condoms had been preventing pipes draining properly
  • Director sent email to 50 staff warning 'such activity should not take place'
  • Email was later leaked, leading to speculation over who may be to blame

A London branch of upmarket estate agent Savills has banned its employees having sex at work because used condoms have been clogging up their toilets.

According to a leaked email allegedly sent by a senior member of staff at Savills in Sloane Street, Pimlico Plumbers spent seven hours working out the cause of problems with the branch's toilets.

Richard Gutteridge, director of residential houses, sent the memo to about 50 members of staff at the branch, warning them 'obviously such activity should not be taking place in the office'.


The debate led Savills public relations team to contact the Metro to point out that the Sloane Street estate agent actually shares its plumbing system, suggesting its staff may not have been to blame.

'Plumbers were called in on Wednesday to investigate problems with the ladies’ lavatories in Savills Sloane Street office,' the company's head of PR said.


I wonder if this may have lead to a few heated discussions at home?

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Savills employees not exactly inundated with enquiries about their pricey homes then?!

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Someone should tell them they don't need to wear condoms to have a w**k.

I suspect you think they are all w**kers?

What use a condom when they probably wipe it on the curtains?

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The boss at the Sloane street branch of upmarket estate agent Savills wrote to staff ordering them to stop having sex in the toilet after their loo was clogged with used condoms.

In a leaked email, director Richard Gutteridge wrote: "After seven hours Pimlico Plumbers have established the cause of the problem.

"Unfortunately the blockage was caused by a build up of used condoms. Obviously such activity should not be taking place in the office."


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