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Manchester To Build On Rubbish Tip In Collyhurst

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I've seen the work being done from the tram and wondered why a 'park' was being built on.


Council leader Sir Richard Leese said the plan, for a site in Collyhurst, would aim to "see if we can reclaim all the recyclable materials, clear it up and use some of it to provide new housing and schools".

The council hopes the pilot will lead to other sites being cleared and up to 1,000 new homes being built.

Local residents have given a mixed reaction to the plan. One woman said she would be "very wary" of the plan, while another said there were already "a lot of vacant properties" in the area.

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The dead will boil up through the ground on Halloween! I saw the film!

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I did a very small module on rubbish tips years ago in Environmental Science. There will be gases in rubbish tips that will persist for some time, and these sites must be vented properly or there could be explosions!

If they "reclaim" will they remove all the rubbish, or just put a light concrete layer over the top and build it on top? Has this been done elsewhere in the world? Some expert advice will need to be sought.

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indeed 200p, gases underground, ground contamination, hazardous waste disposal, ground stability, how far down do you dig and backfill? will probably end up too expensive to do. Who would want to buy an overpriced house near gas vents anyway? suppose that's a silly question.

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I once worked in a building that had been constructed on the site of an old tip. Although it had been properly prepared, the waste removed etc, in summer when it rained the smell permeated the place, despite windows closed & air conditioning on and you could see little wisps of smoke curling up from the grass every now and then...

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The Council has recently been approached by
Wharfside Regeneration Limited, a specialist regeneration and development
company, who are keen to acquire old landfill sites where the potential exists for
valuable materials within them to be extracted and recycled or energy to be
generated; and where, following the extraction process, land can be cleaned and
made available for development purposes.

Will there be a lot of gold in there?

The space is currently open space.

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