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House Prices And Pensions Are Linked

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You may have all seen the above. Is it just me or are we heading for a monumental injustice? Thus far all we have heard in the press is whining pensioners and unions. The fact is this THERE IS ONE POT OF MONEY. Both todays pensioners and the unions ignore the fact that their demands can only be met by todays private sector employees. And who pays for the private sector employees pensions ..... you guessed it PRIVATE SECTOR EMPLOYEES. The younger generation, and non-house owners, in the UK are being raped by ignorant people who are more organised and more politically active. This is of course something govt. should manage. But what's their response? An unwillingness to increase interest rates, despite rising inflation and a deflating currency, worse still they inflate the property bubble by allowing property to be added to sipps.

If you are under 45, or don't have a house, then GET WISE and GET ACTIVE. You will regret not doing so for the rest of your life.

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