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Recommendations For A Sip Phone

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I have an account with Sipgate which I am currently using via X-Lite software, but it doesn't play very nicely with OS X (eg it keeps forgetting what my preferred input device is, so I make a call and the person at the other end hears nothing). It has other problems as well in that quite often the computer doesn't pick up the fact that there's an incoming call until the caller has already hung up, so it's not exactly ideal.

I've decided to buy a SIP phone on the basis that sometimes it's best just to buy something that does one job and does it well. Looking around, there is quite an array of phones available, and to be honest I just don't have the expertise or interest to look into which would be best.

I'm really after a professional desktop type phone, which doesn't need to do anything too fancy, although I do quite like the colour screen ones, and as it would be silly not to try to future proof my requirements a little, I'd say that it should be able to video chat. Apart from that, I'm pretty easy.

I know it's a lame post, but does anyone have any recommendations on what to go for, or perhaps something to definitely avoid?

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