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Halifax Hpi Falls

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Spring bounce? Seems a tad rubbish way off expectations but us only one month. What is the trend?

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i hope you're right, mr nowhere but i fear there are still a lot of naive people still willing to pay over the odds because (as we all know) prices will only ever go up

a colleague of mine is in the process of buying an overpriced flat in north london because he thinks it will be worth more in 3 years time

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Of course - they have a difficult course to steer - max.muppets and keep HTB.

It appears regardless of the HTB, it was FLS that caused the bubble on bubble action and now it's gone...so is the easy bubble causing credit.

Fingers crossed that we might see a return to affordable living very soon,

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If house prices do indeed stop from hereonin, then it is one of the few things keeping inflation in positive territory through the knock on effect of demand for services and household goods. Take away the feel good factor and we have a worldwide commodity glut, and the few items that have been keeping inflation in positive territory are about to go negative....gas, electricity and milk (artificial props for UK dairy industry about to be undone by worldwide milk glut) come to mind.

God help those who are loading up on debt to buy houses if we get the dreaded deflation which the Eurozone is mired in.....it's a life sentence.

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And yet, oddly, no mention of this on the BBC News so far. Funny that.


House prices rise as supply slows, says Rics

A shortage of homes coming onto the market will lead to house price rises, with values expected to grow for years, according to surveyors.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) said that house prices remained on a "firmly upward trend".

Demand from buyers rose, but the number of homes coming onto the market fell for the fourth month in a row in April.

Meanwhile, an ombudsman said complaints about legal services when buying a home topped the list of legal gripes.

Adam Sampson, chief legal ombudsman, said that one in five complaints made to his office last year were about legal conveyancing.


In the Rics survey, the majority of surveyors said they expected to see house prices rise in all areas of the UK in the coming months.

Continue reading the main story BBC housing calculator
  • Lets you see where you can afford to live - and if it would it be cheaper to rent or buy
  • Enter how many bedrooms, which end of the market and how much you want to pay each month
  • As you move the payment slider, parts of the UK light up to show you where you can afford
  • Based on pricing and rental data from residential property analysts Hometrack

On average, surveyors expected average price growth of 6% a year over the coming five years.

In the short-term at least, this was result of the imbalance between the supply of homes and demand.

Figures also published on Thursday by the Halifax. part of Lloyds Banking Group, showed that UK house prices rose by 8.5% year-on-year. Prices were 2.3% higher in the three months to the end of April than the three months to the end of January.

However, prices dropped by 0.2% in April compared with March.

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Im sure they will get round to posting the good news on their website soon.....................

Just had another look...they've really now posted it.

There is the "'House prices rise as supply slows'"

They post it when it's an increase even before I start posting on here :lol:

What we have here is VI PROPAGANDA.

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