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Ununseptium The Worlds Newest Element

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The periodic table of elements is one step closer to welcoming a new addition to its ranks after scientists independently confirmed the existence of the highly radioactive 117th element.

An international team working at the GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research in Darmstadt, Germany, were able to create four atoms of ununseptium (its name is Latin for ‘117’) four years after the element was first spotted by US and Russian researchers.

Like other superheavy elements that populate the tail end of the periodic table, ununseptium only exists for fractions of a second before decaying into other elements.

Its creation is the latest step towards the discovery of the so-called ‘island of stability’ – a predicted group of massive but stable atoms expected to appear somewhere around atomic number 120 onwards.

A disappointing name, they really didn't use their imagination much.

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What does it do?

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So stable in fact hardly any is in existance....

I was wondering that! Four atoms don't seem much! Maybe it has a half life longer than a chalky dog turd?

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That's just a temporary designation. The actual naming will be a matter of much political wrangling.

I'm wanting to find out whether it's leftwingium, or privatenterpriseinium! :blink:

My grandmother had a communist mangle that would only work with left socks!

Of course a left and right sock are identical, until you put them on your feet!

But if you keep your socks at a low enough temperature, no sock can be lost! :huh:

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