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It's the best tool a FTB could have !! You can see trends and how overpriced house are currently


Wholly agreed. Nethouseprices et al are very useful tools that quickly reveal a more realistic picture of a local property market in just a few clicks of a mouse button. Up until then all we had were the Cloud-Cuckoo-Land prices being bandied around Rightmove and estate agent windows.

Using the data returned by these sites one can also pinpoint popular areas (e.g. lots of transactions showing a healthy rise in prices), desirable areas (e.g. low transaction numbers showing big jumps in price), or potential stinkers (where prices rises have been comparatively small - few transactions meaning nobody wants to live there in the first place, many transactions highlighting people are falling over themselves to leave!). Using Nethouseprices I was surprised to see the area in which I rent had only gone up 15-40% during the whole of the latest property boom!

Of course if one is priced out of the property market to start with then I admit this is all pretty academic. If this is the case then I fully sympathise, Hmmmmm, as I've felt the same way for the last five years. For those priced out of the market this whole national obsession with house prices can be likened to having a scabby knee - you know you shouldn't do it, you know it will hurt but you'll pick away at it all the same.

Just another weak analogy to throw in the pot! :D


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is the best. Dead basic but when you get the results and click map


Google maps with every house sold in virtual 3D


You can find hot spots and NOT spots!!!

Now thats magic!

e.g. http://www.houseprices.co.uk/map.php?pc=HA8+6BQ&show=s


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