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Charity Event...

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Someone puts on a charity event.

They sare raising money for charity. No specific charity is mentioned.
When asked they say it's a group of charities and a vote will take place after the event to see which gets the money.

Is this wrong?

It feels wrong. So I thought I'd look:
Fraudulent fundraising should be reported to the police or through Action Fraud and can be reported to the Commission by using the "Sham charities set up for an illegal or improper purpose" section of this form


Action fraud site

Another great place to report fraud is found at.

I see no link!

Is this something the police will be interested in?

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How dodgy it would seem to me personally would I think depend on who was running it and how well I knew them. I can think of certain people not a million miles from here - if I heard that they were organising anything like this, I would know at once that it was dodgy as hell.

In the case of certain other people I would be quite sure that it was on the level. I'd still want to know which charities, though.

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Plenty of half baked bogus charities out there!

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Beneficial tax treatment incentivises dodgy people.

The mere ability to exploit people's generosity incentivises dodgy behaviour.

The ability to acquire a halo effect from being a high profile 'good guy' encourages the very worst sorts...step forward Branson and many others of his ilk.

It is merely Adam Smith's enlightened self interest working its magic in the fertile field of the charity 'industry'.

I'm totally in agreement on that! Please give me your money. I want a newer car! :huh:

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You told me the money was being collected for new bells at Felching Barton Church!

You don't understand life in the country do you? The bells are hidden in their usual place, behind the cheese foundry, where they will be ritually found by the monks on St. Kylie's day! The bells restored, will then be rung for Quatermass!

The monks then fill the Gurt Clodney parish pipe organ with manure, coating the whole congregation with excrement ,so that we may all feel "meek" again! ^_^

Who says religion can't make sense?

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I doubt the Police will be interested.

I'd also suggest that running the campaign on this basis would significantly impact contributions. I wouldn't give anything if I did not know where the money was going. Whether it's a scam or not. It certainly sounds like one as most people have a specific cause in mind, that cause being the motivator to get off their backsides and organise said campaign.

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