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Newsnight - "half A Mil" Is The New "100 Grand"

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Property has become a capitalist play thing and that is what is keeping the market afloat. You're in the game if you have perceived equity. Inheritance will also play a big part in the future......Milibot is a classic example. This suggests the average couple in the US is worth nearly $5 million on retirement but I don't believe it........but this is the demographic that are driving the market. It has become about personal balance sheets not income and expenditure accounts


I have just looked this up. The speed at which pension pot increases is totally unrealistic. For example, at the age of 23 with 1 year of pension contributions behind them, it is worth $12,500 (reasonable so far if you have a particularly generous pension scheme or make additional contributions), but with 2, it is worth $35,000 and with 3 $56,000.

This is either assuming a very high rate of growth or a rapidly growing income. Quite unrealistic.

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