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Scottish Island With Nine Cottages, A Cafe, Post Office And Salmon Farm Offered For Sale At £1.95M (The Same Price As A London Terraced House)

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  • 766-acre Tanera Mor island in the Inner Hebrides was put on the market in 2013 with a guide price of £2.5million
  • But it has failed to sell and the price tag has been reduced to £1.95million, despite interest from around the world
  • Owners Lizzie and Richard Williams, who have a young child and are expecting another, say 'time is right' to move on
  • Tanera Mor has been run as a tourism enterprise and features holiday cottages, a cafe, post office and salmon farm


Hmm difficult one isn't it.

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The property also comes with a moat, 10 bedrooms, and a tennis court.

The downside, of course, is that it costs £6.75m.

However, the stunning Grade II listed building seems like a bargain when compared with the price of some flats in London, where a Kensington apartment can set you back as much as £30m.


Seems the Express is running something on the same theme.

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What do you mean... difficult? Only use I can see for it is a backdrop for a sword fight between an in-his-prime Duncan Ferguson vs Andy Carroll. These islands look very over-valued to me... even against London house prices, unless the businesses there really bring in an income to owner... perhaps if there was oil.

In 2011 that 'Castaway' Island (Taransay - Hebridean island, approx 3,445 acres) was reported to have sold for £2m+ to some Pharmaceutical Head guy. I didn't think they'd find a buyer even as Fogle was positioning for a bid.

The man he lost out to is reported to be the chief executive of drugs company Equateq, who is reported to have paid more than £2 million to secure the deal.

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These recurring stories get on my tits. If I had £1.95m I would unhesitatingly go for the little terraced house in London.

Yeah. I'm with you. House in area with zero ways to earn lots of money costs nothing compared to smaller house in city with lots of opportunity to earn money. Quelle surprise.

I would just get a £1.2m little London terrace though and a couple of country boltholes.

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A London building is now treated like a masterpiece painting for the rich, rarity value....it is not even bought for its beauty but for how much it may make as an investment....hang that on your wall and smoke it, less can be more. ;)


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