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Dave Beans

Talk In Dorset Echo About Btls In Weymouth

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That "James Young" chap is probably one of us... He makes quite a few posts, such as the one below..


My issue is less about DSS tenants (i agree completely, they are a pain in the backside). It is about private tenants. I don't think its communism at all, it's about free markets.

A buy to let landlord should be able to buy a property and make a profit in a free market. I would agree. However, it is not a free market, since it is being artificially tilted in favour of those who own land. Free market: If a landlord cannot find a tenant for his property at the price he asks, then he should drop his price. Reality: the government takes money in tax from individuals to pay to that landlord as a subsidy. Now you could of course argue that the same thing happens in food production, but there the subsidies make the cost of food _cheaper_ for the consumer. Free market: house prices rise and fall in line with demand and consumer sentiment. Reality: the government has spent £375bn keeping the money tap turned on, thus keeping house prices artificially high.

So what you call "communism" - the idea that everybody should have a chance to own their own house - is in fact the opposite. I want a free market. I believe that prices need to fall for the economy to recover.

I'm not sure what you would call a system that is designed to take money from young people (who are typically the people doing the renting) and transfer it to older people, using various government schemes such as FLS, HTB and housing benefit, but it certainly isn't a free market.

My prediction, for what it is worth, is that within three years we will see a massive drop in prices. I think the government has played its last hand with its transparent pension changes. A pensioner can't get a yield from an annuity, so will invest in buy to let property, putting more homes out of reach of today's young.

But the crash, when it comes, will be brutal.

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