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Police Worker Handed Golden Contract Worth Almost £900,000 For Three Years' Work

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Cathy Butterworth had £87,000 salary, £200,000 pay-off and £400,000 pension pot

She worked for Greater Manchester Police as head of training for 3 years

Internal report says contract 'well drafted' from 'employees perspective'

A senior police civilian worker was handed a golden contract worth almost £900,000 for just three years' work, it was revealed today.

Cathy Butterworth was head of training and development for Greater Manchester Police on a £87,000 salary.

But she also received a bonus of up to £8,700 a year, a 'termination payment' of more than £200,000 and a £400,000 pension pot when she hits 55.

An internal report has revealed her 'unique' package, with its author admitting the deal was 'particularly well drafted from the employee's perspective'.

The report details the 'unique characteristics' of her contract, which handed Ms Butterworth 10 years' worth of extra contribution into her pension pot.

It was drawn up by her boss Andrew Marston - who himself had just been granted early retirement and a massive pay-off - and signed by David Whatton, the then Deputy Chief Constable of GMP, who went on to become the top officer at Cheshire police.


Ms Butterworth's overall remuneration package following her three years as director of learning and development - when her salary, her estimated £400,000 pension and 'termination' payments are added - amounted to £865,000.

Nice work if you can get it. It's amazing what will get signed off if you have "professional" advice! Still at least it's only about 15p per person in a single year with a population of around 2.7m to pay for her pension. Bargain really for such a talented individual.

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of course, the £400K pension pot only buys her £4K per year...and there is no pot.

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