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Sancho Panza

Big Four Supermarkets' Sales And Market Share Dropped In First Three Months Of 2014

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Guardian 8/4/14

'The grocery market has slumped to its slowest pace of growth in at least 12 years, as all four major supermarkets saw sales and market share fall in the first three months of 2014.A late Easter and a drop in grocery inflation to 1.8%, the lowest level since July 2010, are combining with the growing power of discounters Aldi and Lidl to pile pressure on Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrisons and Asda.

Aldi shrugged off the wider malaise to achieve a record 35.3% growth in sales in the 12 weeks to 30 March taking its market share to 4.6%, just a step away from Waitrose's 5%, while Lidl continued its rapid gains, with sales up 17.2%.

The discounters are ratcheting up the pressure on the "big four", which are also under attack from Waitrose at the top of the market.

In a blow to the incoming chief executive, Mike Coupe, Sainsbury's showed its worst drop in market share since 2005, as sales fell back by 1.7%, widening the gap between it and closest rival Asda to nearly a percentage point. Asda's sales also fell back but it held market share almost steady at 17.4% while Sainsbury's slice of the grocery market slipped to 16.5% from 17% a month ago.

The director at Kantar, Ed Garner, said Sainsbury's had suffered more than Asda from the late Easter when it usually benefited more than other stores from sales of British lamb and Easter eggs. The supermarket is also up against a strong performance last year when it was boosted by its clean sheet during the horse meat scandal. Garner said: "Sainsbury's figures are a surprise. If they have another period like that then we might start to worry."

However, Sainsbury's continued to outperform Tesco and Morrisons, whose sales fell by 3% and 3.8% respectively in the period. Both the Tesco boss, Philip Clarke, and Morrisons chief executive, Dalton Philips, are under pressure to turn around months of falling sales.

Clarke told the City in February that he had accelerated his turnaround plan for Tesco with more store refurbishments in prospect and planned £200m in price cuts on staple groceries. Morrisons has pledged £1bn in price cuts and food quality investments over the next three years as it fights back against the success of Aldi and Lidl.'

Old news I know but all four are down.Got to be a first for a long time.

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Marks and Spencer results on Thursday - it will be interesting what they get and how their results affect the share price of TSCO, SBRY and MRW.

The weathers been s*** so it wont be good :lol:

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When we lived in ROI we used to shop in SuperValu - to my surprise I found one relabelled to budgens, which is located in Cheddar. Quite a good shop IMO.

Budgens is owned by the Irish musgrave

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I was given a £4 off a £40 shop at Sainsbury and then handed back a £3 voucher at the till because my shopping was more expensive than the rivals. Frustrating but probably not by accident that store prices have been increased to ofset the voucher programme as broadly my shop was in line with previous weeks. I guess they all do it!

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